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Progressive Cavity Pump

Introduce of CS Series Progressive Cavity Pump:

The CS series progressive cavity pump consists of a pump body, coupling, drive unit, common base, and control system. The pump body is composed of an outlet transition flange, rotor (screw), stator, and universal joint, tee joints, etc. The drive unit consists of an electric motor, speed reducer. The control system can be designed according to the process requirements.


The single screw pump (positive cavity pump) can be applied to a large range of industries, such as Environmental Industry, Food Industry, Petroleum Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Metallurgical Mine and Coal Industry, Geology, Drilling, Construction, Ceramics Industry, Transportation and Water Conservancy Industry, Agriculture and Feed Industry, Pharmaceutical Chemical industry, Paper-Making Industry and so on.


Our single screw pump (positive displacement pump) can transfer different kinds of mediums, even high viscosity medium (such as toothpaste, glue, high-temperature asphalt and polymers) and high solid content medium (dry mud ) can be transferred.


In addition to single screw pumps, we have twin screw pumps and triple screw pumps for your choice. Click below for viewing details.

What is A Progressive Cavity Pump?

Progressive Cavity Pump is a type of positive displacement pump which has a rotor rotating within a housing called a stator. The rotor is always metallic and the stator is made up of a rubber type of material. It looks somewhat like a screw thread–the fluid is between the cavities and the rotary motion of the rotor forces the fluid through from one end to the other. The liquid acts as the lubricant between the pumping elements, and it should not be run dry.


Mingzhu's progressive cavity pump belongs to the group of rotating positive displacement pumps. They are self-priming, and due to their high process liability and suction capacity. They are often used for the continuous, gentle conveyance and precise dosing - in proportion to speed - of difficult media.




When to Use Progressive Cavity Pumps?

· Dosing & Metering Applications

The cavities inside a PC pump taper at their ends and overlap, so there is no flow pulsing other than that caused by compression of the pump components or fluid. It is this smooth, low pulsation pumping that makes PC pumps so well-suited to metering applications.

The flow rate of PC pumps is proportional to their speed, so they can be used to dose viscous fluids such as additives and chemicals.


· Pumping Shear-Sensitive Materials

The volumetric flow rate of a PC pump is proportional to its rotation rate. This applies very little shear to the pumped fluid. This feature, along with a lower internal velocity, makes PC pumps ideal for pumping shear-sensitive materials like fluids with fragile solids.


· Pumping Materials with Abrasive Particles

In other pump designs, fluids travel around the inside walls of the casing at high speed. When the pumped material contains abrasive solids, this in effect “scours” the pump’s surfaces and causes it to wear out before its useful lifespan.

A progressive cavity pump, on the other hand, takes the fluid through a long casing. The abrasive particles travel parallel to the internal surfaces at a slower speed, rather than hitting them centrifugally at high speed. This makes PC pumps much more abrasion-resistant and long-lasting than other pump types for these applications.


· Pumping Heavy or Viscous Fluids

Progressive cavity pumps are ideal when pumping fluids with higher viscosities. With a centrifugal pump, the flow rate goes down as fluid viscosity goes up. This is less efficient as the pump must then increase its energy consumption in order to keep up. PC pumps, like other types of positive displacement pumps, create flow. A PC pump is actually more efficient as viscosity increases and will have approximately the same flow rate no matter the weight of the pumped material.




The Main Advantages of Progressive Cavity Pumps:

* Space-saving design and low maintenance costs.

* Strong wear resistance (adjustable structure) no leakage, energy saving. You can save more costs.

* It is suitable for conveying all kinds of medium with fluidity, non-fluidity, high viscosity, high concentration, strong corrosion, strong solubility and strong wear.

* No irrigation and water diversion, strong self-priming capacity, small vibration, low noise, constant reverse performance, long service life.

* Widely applications in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, medicine, brewing and other industries.

* Progressive cavity pump is a simple structure so that you can easily operate and maintain it.





  1. What is your minimum order quantity?

  Only 1 unit.


  1. Do you offer OEM services?

  Yes, we offer OEM services according to your requirement, which is our specialty, we customize the different design and material combinations for each application's modular system. This means that we develop the best technology and the most economical solution for your needs.


  1. What is your delivery time?

  Normally, standard pumps are delivered in about 30 working days.


  1. Product quality guarantee

  According to the international standard, the whole pump 1-year warranty under normal operation.


  1. How to make an order with us for a screw pump?

  (1) Sample approval.

  (2) Client arranges 30% deposit after receiving our PI(proforma invoice).

  (3) We start bulk production and finish production within the agreed lead time.

  (4) We send shipping documents to the client.

  (5) Client arranges balance payment.

  (6) We arrange shipment and send original documents or telex release the goods.


  1. Packing and Transport

  (1) Standard export packing: We will pack pumps and accessories in wooden boxes, put them into containers. Shipment by sea and air.

  (2) The marks on the packing box are executed according to the international standard.

  (3) Please check the packaging and integrity of goods when receiving them, If any damaged, please immediately report to the carrier.

  (4) Please kindly notify us if you have special packing requirements.



We offer OEM orders. Please fill in the form below, and we will get in touch with you shortly. Please provide as much as detail information on the product/s you are enquiring about, so our engineer will design a pump according to your requirement.